Objective 3: policy options

This objective builds upon Objectives 1 and 2. Having identified how flood inundation risks are distributed, the scope of physical and socio-behavioral differences across Chicago’s population, and the potential for green infrastructure, we will design stormwater management practices and policies to mitigate risks and promote green management techniques in areas prone to flooding. Acknowledging these socio-economic factors creates the imperative to improve institutions, practices, and norms as a means of improving equity in terms of stormwater flooding (Task 3.1). We will assess each of these policy options in terms of their economic and political viability, employing both quantitative and qualitative approaches to gauge policy effectiveness. The economic analysis will employ extended cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and risk assessment (Task 3.1.1), while the political analysis will be based on socio-institutional analysis, political feasibility, implementation analyses (Task 3.1.2), and strategic planning (Task 3.2). These methods may be conventional, but their simultaneous use is not, and we argue that ignoring any single approach weakens prospects for achieving the long-term, equitable distribution of stormwater management-oriented solutions.

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